Well, Here We Go

This morning we had our ART (Assisted Reproduction… Technology, I think) Consult with the NP/IVF Coordinator.  DANG.  There are a lot more details involved with this than I thought!  But I’m so excited to get going!  I’m not going to lay it all out right here because that would be one rambling mega-post, so I’ll try to keep it so I’m one step ahead.

The next step is just to start 0.2mL Lupron injections a night, which starts tomorrow.  Apparently what it actually does is stop your body from producing the hormones itself, so that they’ll have complete control over your cycle.  Somehow my period is actually supposed to start on time while I’m taking this stuff, which is I guess because it suppresses FSH and LH but not progesterone.  And its purpose is also so that you won’t ovulate while you’re stimming.  So I’ll be doing that until Jan. 30-31st, then when the next cycle starts I’ll go in for a base ultrasound.  I don’t feel nervous at all about starting this med.  The needle is tiny, there’s nothing to it, it’s just what I’ve been doing for the last year but with a different substance.  The only thing I worry about is that my period won’t start because my body will freak out.  If it doesn’t start by February 3rd I’m supposed to call them.

Also at the appt. we had a lot of papers to sign, legal stuff like how she went over all the risks with us and how we give permission to do cryopreservation and what to do in the event one or both of us dies while we have freezer babies.  We actually haven’t turned that one in yet because we need our third party to be there to sign it too, or be with them while at a notary.  We went over exactly what happens with the ER (Egg Retrieval) and ET (Embryo Transfer) procedures and what I’m to do, and also found out that we need to do ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), where they inject a sperm directly into the egg, because the sperm’s morphology was 6% last they checked (has to be over 8%).  That’s an extra $1250.  Yay.  Also I’m going to suck it up and not do general anesthesia for the ER because that’s an extra $600.  Boo.

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