IVF Time

I considered titling this Give me an I, Give me an V, Give me a F!  What does that spell?!  Oh, wait…

But no, really, that’s how fired up I am for this!  So here’s what I know so far:

I called Monday to talk to my nurse and let her know we wanted to do IVF now and to see if we could do it next month in case my husband didn’t get that other job (then our insurance would only last through Feb. 29).  I was able to get in to see my RE Tuesday morning, and everyone there was so happy for me to be doing this, it was nice.  My Dr. was very accomodating to get me rushed through everything so we can start next month, and good thing because my husband didn’t get that job (BOO, but that’s another issue).  So this is it.  We had to get our deposit down by Friday, which I took care of yesterday, and Friday morning we both have to go have bloodwork done and then we’ll meet with the IVF Coordinator.

Saturday I will start Lupron (which suppresses your body’s production of FSH).  That part surprised me, I had no idea I had to start meds before my new cycle actually starts!  They confirmed that I ovulated 2-3 days ago by ultrasound while I was there, so that was good that I knew what was going on with my body and it wasn’t being weird, so I’m actually starting meds about a week before I should even get my period.  I guess that’s so you can stim longer and still get lots of follicles, but that surprised me that it doesn’t interrupt your luteal phase.

Next Tuesday I’ll have a Mock Embryo Transfer, which I’d imagine is exactly how it sounds.  He’ll pretend to do the procedure just to see what my body is like so things will go as smoothly as possible when it’s time for the real thing.  That’s as far as I know right now of what will happen.  I know I’ll have an Egg Retrieval when there are enough of them in there, and I told my Dr. that I want to do the general anesthesia option for that because everything down there always hurts me a lot, and they’ll be sticking needles into my ovaries.  I also told him we want to transfer two embryos.

My one big brain hang up has been the cost of this, but my husband and I were talking yesterday and it made me feel much better.  I keep forgetting about stuff like we’ll get our tax return in another month and a half ish and that will take out a huge chunk of the cost, and then some family has said they’ll help us out (although we’re not counting on that adding up to anything too substantial, but you never know, and every little bit helps!), and then credit card payments left over aren’t going to be any more than what we’ve been spending on copays and gas money to get to appts. every month anyway!

P.S. Ordering Lupron before Feb. makes the copay half as much as if it were after Feb. 1 because of the insurance policy change… also turns out it’s a generic, so it was only $10.  Score.


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