I ♥ my RE’s Office

I just have to say that right now.  I loved them the first time I went in there and talked to me RE and he was so nice and promised me he’d get me a baby and he called my son by his name and not some impersonal medical term like “a successful pregnancy.”  The receptionists knew my name within a few appointments, everyone hugged me and helped me get out to my car the day I got bad news, my nurses remember things about me, like my husband’s name and job.  I could go on and on.  It’s just wonderful, and they’ve given me so much hope through all of this.  Someday they will get a really nice card from me.

Today I talked to my nurse (who’s a new one I’ve been seeing for a few months, my “old” nurse I think got moved to the other office) about how I’m not really comfortable triggering with minimally mature-sized follicles because I can’t help but feel there’s a reason the only two times I got pregnant on injectables I had a follicle at 20-21mm, not 17mm.  Before I’d told her I’d only gotten pregnant with a bigger follicle, she asked, “What size of follicle was it for your son?”  At first I thought she meant my 3-year-old, who was conceived naturally, but I watched her flip through my charts to see and realized she actually meant Michael.  Warm fuzzies.

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