Adventures with Intramuscular Injections

So the way that no Ovidrel situation turned out (and btw, no way it costs $2000, not sure what was up with that lady) was with my nurse getting me some donated Novarel.  Which is the same thing, but intramuscular instead of subcutaneous.  I was pretty nervous at first because that would mean someone else would have to do the shot, and I didn’t think my husband would be too keen on the idea.  And my mom or anyone else who could do it lives too far away.  So she was really awesome about it and said if that was the case to call her and we could meet somewhere and she’d give it to me (even though she lives like an hour away from me).  But then someone said I could do it myself if I had to, and I’d never thought of that before.  They’d drawn a smiley face on me where the injection needed to go (ha!), and I twisted around to see if that was actually possible.  Lo and behold, it would’ve been.

But my husband was awesome and he did it for me!  It actually wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  First off, I wasn’t nervous about mixing the meds because it was the same as Menopur (except I had to reconstitute with a reconstitution needle instead of a Q-Cap).  It didn’t really hurt, just felt like something was pushing weird on a nerve.  It was nice that I didn’t have to look at it.  But it’s been 2 days and my muscle still hurts from being stabbed.  The first half of yesterday was pretty bad, like I had to limp around the house.  I would’ve been able to suck it up more if I didn’t have the psychological knowledge of why it hurt in the first place.  That needle was huge.  They should’ve drawn a sad face instead of a happy face!

Anyway, that solidified my decision to take a needle break next month, I’m nearly positive.  Poking myself 10-11 times plus a blood draw every month gets really old and makes me hate needles more, not less.  Yes, I know I should be staying hopeful that this month will be it, but I can’t do that anymore.  As someone recently said in the book I’m reading, “Pray for a miracle, but plant cabbages.”

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