JK, the pharmacy just called to ask me if I needed them to send an order (which I do, but our insurance coverage isn’t back yet… ugh).  I asked her how much Ovidrel is without insurance, just in case it’s not settled by Monday, which is the latest possible time I can order it so they could overnight it.  $2100 something.  Say whaaaaa?  I Googled it months ago and swear it said $100ish.

Whatever, it’s not a terribly pressing medication, I don’t think.  If I can’t get a free one from my office, then I’d imagine they’d just have me ovulate on my own.  Tain’t no other choice.  It would take a bit longer and maybe not all eggs in there would release, but it would still happen.  Maybe they’d have me take injections until I get a positive OPK, who knows.  So we’ll see.  But seriously, as though this needed to be more complicated.

WHY do you cost so much?!


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