Thank God for Insurance

Seriously.  I had a “fun” reminder of how great it is this week because we’re having a lapse in coverage.  Since my husband was laid off at the beginning of the summer, our coverage went through 9/1, and since he was re-hired on 8/29 we assumed the insurance would just keep going.  But no, turns out we had to reapply for it (which we did, and hopefully it will all go through like… within the next week and a half).  And of course they couldn’t be bothered to tell us this ahead of time.  All of the medical bills will be back covered, we’ll just have to have them rebilled later.  However, I can’t refill prescriptions in the meantime.

I ran out of Prometrium on Tuesday morning.  I called my nurse about it, hoping there was something I could do, and she said to go buy only 3 capsules to get me through until Thursday (the nearby office is closed on Wednesday), when I could come in and they’d give me a bunch of Crinone samples to last me awhile.  I went to the pharmacy that evening to get 3 200mg Prometrium capsules.  $28.  Yep.  $9/capsule, which means the entire refill would’ve been $540.  Our copay for a non-generic is $20.  I spent more on 3 capsules without insurance than I would have for 60 capsules with insurance!

I’ve always wondered about how much a cycle we’re saving with all this junk, so I did some minor investigation combined with costs I already know to come with approximately how much it costs for each of these unnsuccessful cycles.  Including all medications used (currently Menopur, Ovidrel, and Prometrium), the base ultrasound, the follicle check ultrasound, and the estradiol lab, it’s about $2161/month. O_o

But I’m even nerdier than that, and I just spent a bunch of time approximating as best I could how much money it has cost us so far in all of my treatments for all  since last August (and testing started last June).  It’s about $17,034 plus the cost of 6 HCG labs, 3 pg ultrasounds, a D&SC, pre and post-op appts. with an OB, all but $300 of an IUI, 5-6 RE consults, and the cost of all of the bloodwork and other testing procedures done on my husband and I, SAs, and the testing on Michael.  So that’s like… a WHOLE lot of money.  More than what our insurance plan is for.  Definitely get our money’s worth out of it!

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