Still Going

Funny how I keep finding hope, but I have to.  I don’t want to lose it for good.  So at nearly the last minute, my husband got recalled to his job.  Relief!  For many reasons, but a big one being we get to keep our insurance.  Just when I had accepted what we were going to have to do without insurance, too.  So my RE just has me back on injections indefinitely–same med and dosage as last month, the first out of all 9 injectable cycles where he hasn’t changed a thing.  And otherwise we wait and save money for IVF.  My husband thinks we should only do a few more months of injections because we could be saving the money we’re spending on copays and gas to go to appointments at least twice a month all towards IVF.  I’d tend to agree with that, but we’ll see where we are in another month or two.  I’d like to get the word around that we want to do IVF in case anyone feels generous, but it’s kind of hard to just say, “Hey, everyone, we’re doing IVF!”  I’ll have to think about how best to go about this.  Probably discreetly.

I did put in a prayer request at church, which was difficult to do.  I’ve always felt like having other people know what’s going on to pray for us to get a baby (I also added in the coming by money for IVF part this time) is somehow not an acceptable request because of how personal in nature it is.  But that’s silly.  So our pastor knows and some prayer team people know.  No going back now!

P.S. I’m also feeling hopeful because I came to a place where I realized that I just need to move on with life and stop centering my life around this.  It sucks that way.  I feel like now I can try to contribute to society, maybe.  So I’m going to be a leader for youth group (my husband did it last year too).  I’m hoping that by getting my mind on other [important] stuff as much as possible, that I’ll feel more relaxed.  And maybe that will do the trick, too.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah R.
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 18:49:48

    Glad there is some light, I hope that you’ll get your take-home rainbow before having to move to IVF. If you do go that route though, maybe set up a donation site, you’d probably find people would be happy to help you reach your dream. I’m glad you’re reaching out to your church, even knowing people are thinking about you can be uplifting sometimes. I’m thinking of you and your family often, and praying hard for your sticky bean to hurry up and find you.


    • Shan
      Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:17:01

      Thanks. A donation site is a good idea! We are trying to just sort of let people know that we’re wanting to do it (we’re both just really ready for it and to quit this not-working stuff). We actually just thought today that we should start asking people “Would you like to make a contribution to the Human Fund?” Hahaha! (It’s from Seinfeld in case you don’t watch that.) You know, because we want a human.


  2. Sarah R.
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:37:22

    I love Seinfeld- I wish I could stay up late enough to watch the reruns, it’s always on after my “old-lady bedtime”.


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